Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Class Practice(s)

Here are some class practice photos, enjoy!

Here's our transfer student.

Haha... Very rajin all of you, I hope all of you can post the finished piece on this blog, looking forward to see it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Life Drawing - Week 3


Dunno what to say... just that there are so many chairs! It drove me crazy.


owh. finally i've gathered all my courage to post mine up...
yucks. my life drawing is way awful...
ish, why ah, i cant really draw much within an hour..
hopefully i will get to improve soon~ =P
comments are most welcomed!~

zHiLiNg~ ^^v

Monday, January 19, 2009

Life Drawing Week 2

Life drawing - week 2 (17/1/09)


I was adding my Week 1 sketch, so i thought might as well do the 2nd one too! So woopie! This time i'm No.1!!! :P (Bleh i'm being childish).

Anyway, this time feels easier than the 1st try, plus we are using the grid frame thingie, which is a great help. Although for some reason, i drew Edmond too big. Plus I should have take the pic right from the begining instead of after i finish drawing cos some of the ppl moved away, or changed positions. (i.e. Joe & fei yan was sitting much more straight at the begining...)




Here comes my 2nd piece of life sketch in class...a bit blur and light, should use a darker pencil i think, and still the same problem with line weight... wanted to show the "packness" of our class, so i chose this angle... lih ting was a bit too big on my drawing, and the head slightly above was supposed to be ivan giving advise... it's easier with the grids and closing-1-eye technique...hope to improve next time...comments and advise are most welcome =)

xiao qing =)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life drawing week 1

please post up large and clear photograph of ur work. around 1600px on the longer side would be fine. remember to post it up as large thumbnail.

Life drawing - week 1 (9/1/09)


um. I would say I should have drawn out the background or the environment first, then only start with the figures, to measure the depth. Also, the size of each figure in the frame must be controlled to create depth, near objects bigger, further objects smaller(which i failed to do :P). I used thick dark strokes for nearer objects and light thin strokes for further objects to further elaborate the depth of the objects.

Jun Yuen



muahahha!! I'm 2nd to post =p. here is my life sketch =).My apologies for not having picture reference. Everyone gathered in the center when I was about to take the picture. Shall take it fast next time. I drew the figures first followed by the chairs then the background. I had difficulty drawing perspective as you can see it above. Can't see much of the depthness of the piece especially the background. I've darken the lines for near objects/figures to differentiate it from far objects. I should have sketch out everything then add details later. Oh well....

Wai Kwan



tadaa ! here's my distorted life drawing mwehehehe. The reference is sort of different from what i draw. Neh, Jonathan la, pose here pose there ;p hahaha nah lah. i'm still lousy at catching the overall outlines quick, and also my ratio for proportions. See, i can't even draw the walls properly -..- So, WEE ! bad wall, bad example ! lols i'll try to improve soon !



Yo~~finally can post...phewww~~
ok, a little sharing abt my distorted la la~~~~~
can say kinda lazy, cz i din draw out 100% d scene...hohoho...
well, 2day LCK showed us our senior's printed "bedroom" projects,
d effect looks cool, so, a little level n color balance adjusted4 my figure sketch to make it looks slightly lidat effect...ngek ngek ngek^^

"more more point call"(多多指教) from evry1 ya...^^

nid alot of improvements....
k then, we'll reserve d next post for Chin Yau, since he say "Chris post I post"...hiehiehie~~

lastly, wish evry1 "公洗发菜"(Gong Xi Fa Chai)...

From: Christopher Maria Chong..=.=




hey......this is my first week life drawing...i actually kena a little bit of water on the drawing so the hand is gone i cannot save it...and it looks like unfinish because of the water make my drawing Blur blur.....hmppp......

Yoke Wan~~~



here comes my first week punyer life sketch in class...
initially it was jonathon sitting on the left...and couldn't capture se lin in my 1st photo taking...
i started placing all the figures from near to far with H pencil, just to get the placement and size more accurate...then drew with 2B pencil adding in a bit more details starting from the right........
was drawing drawing then realize my view point on the paper and what i was actually looking at lari here a bit lari there a bit...end up erm....lari lor....=.="
1 more thing i think i should improve on is my line weight...meaning thickness and thinness in lines, to show what is upfront and further away, and emphasize on some important features in a drawing, so the drawing doesn't look as flat...gotta learn more from you all ^-^
i think that's all for this...happy new year~ =)
xiaoQing... =)

Hi...this is my first sketch in class...sorry for the's a bit blur and dark...and the poses are totally different...i think my sketch has quite much white space....should add some lines for the floor.....and still need to improve my shading technique.....what do you guys think? C&C are always welcome....thanks...

Vui Chuan (Edmond)



Well, er, first try so so only. When I compare to the photo only realise so much difference. Haiya...Ah B keep moving, she's the most challenging person to draw. Luckily her hair cover her face, so only need to draw hair. hehehe :) But over all it was fun!




This is my first sketch for the first week...quite alot more to work on especially on the placement of the overall drawing. Hope the next one will be better and I only drew 3 people in this drawing but its my first attempt so hopefully it can be better.

Joe Low Koon Chin


Monday, January 12, 2009


halo ladies and gentlemen of AD085-1.

welcome to
I named this blog ad-illustration so that in the future (even after having figures III), we could continue using this blog.

I think creating this blog is a great idea, thx to our figures III lecturer, Darren.

So i have briefly written down the concept of this blog.
if there is anything wrong or to there is something add, we can discuss about it.


1. To share our work, experience.
2. To receive as many feedbacks/comments/critiques so that we can improve ourselves.
3. To gain publicity. To show that we can do it! Who knows tomorrow we'll get multi million dollar project through this blog? heh
4. To impress our competitors(?) (by posting in awesome works) :D

Students of AD085-1, what to do?:
1. You can post in ur weekly life sketch, figure drawings, inspiring artworks/articles on drawings, or whatever shit u think can benefit the class.
I have came out with a format for u guys to follow.

-Post starts-
(assignment title)
(photo reference)
(artist comment)

take a look at our senior's blog -
learn how they upload their work and stuff.
(we must be better than them!) :D

2. Try to help each other by giving suggestions or pointing out mistake.
People who receive negative but constructive comments, just eat it and try to improve urself.

1. Try to fit everything related into ONE post.
for example, life sketch for week2, 1 post.
figure drawings for week2, 1 post.
2. Give honest opinion in a positive + constructive manner.
3. Do not simply edit other's work/writings.
4. (to be added when something goes wrong :D)

what u guys think about the header? just some simple design I came off with my free time. heh..
If anybody interested in designing a blog header with Darren's photo..
here it is..

hahaa curi curi ambil using my camera phone :D

Besides that I also added a blog for our class general use -
(ignore the blog title) -.-

Ohya! dont forget to link ur blog or website at the sidebar! If you don't mind! hehe

cya guys in class then. anything just discuss in class la.. dont be shy to come up to me and give suggestions ok! :d

- Jun Yuen